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Both parents were at work and I was sitting in the couch, just hanging out, around noon.

She and I smoked weed together and she walked into the living room and asked if i wanted to burn, I said yes and followed her to the garage.

She quite a hard body, and had what I like to call a little comfort pooch.

I torture her and impale her,force her to c S IS THE GROUP! But in the last seat, and girl was laying down, apparently asleep.

then she bit her lip, and her eyes opened suddenly.

she had been quietly masturbating the whole time, feigning sleep.

I want to introduce and refer to each other as daddy and daughter but act like lovers just to get a reaction. I'm willing to buy you new sexy outfits if you want. You will be free to fuck anyone you please along the way. I watched her go to the bathroom and other kinky things like that. My cousin lived at my grandmas so we could only have our fun when I visited. I had to live with my beautiful sister who won't do things like that for me. I stole her dirty panties a lot and once jerked off over her while she slept in her room.

We will be the talk of the truck stops and burning up the cb radios. And I want you to have enough cash on hand for emergency. The closest I got was one day during spring break in High School.

I was turned on just sitting next to her."You can stretch out, put your feet in my lap" I told her. After a while, I put my hands on her feet and started rubbing them.